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JNBridgePro White Papers

The following white papers provide detailed technical information on speeding your development time via true Java and .NET interoperability.

JNBridgePro Technical Overview (PDF)

The JNBridgePro approach to achieving cross-language interoperability between Java and .NET as Java’s cross-platform capability and conformance to Java standards is retained.

Technical Note: JNBridgePro and Clustering (PDF)

A description of how JNBridgePro can be in a clustered J2EE architecture so that the .NET code can participate in clustering's failover, high-availability, and load-balancing capabilities.

.NET-to-Java and Java-to-.NET Cross-platform Transactions with 2-Phase Commit

JNBridgePro supports cross-platform transactions that seamlessly extend container-managed Java transactions to .NET or .NET transaction scopes to Java. With JNBridgePro, you can enable cross-platform transactions quickly and easily, with near-negligible amounts of development time and effort.

OVUM Technology Audit

The OVUM JNBridgePro v6.0 technology audit is an in-depth analyst report which identifies JNBridgePro as a serious alternative to web services-based SOA implementations.

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