Why JNBridge?


Customer Success

SwissRe quickly delivered a numerical analysis Java API to actuaries for direct access from their local Excel applications.

Ulla Popken GmbH merged three different JMS-based applications on different Java EE platforms — IBM WebSphere, Progress SonicMQ, and GlassFish — and integrated them with Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Graebel easily integrated JMS messaging with their .NET-based SOA framework to support multiple relocation service portals.

CambridgeSoft integrated a third-party Java digital signature API into their .NET-based electronic lab notebook software to quickly meet the requirements of a major pharmaceutical customer.

Benefitfocus streamlined incoming carrier data from JMS with a BizTalk Server, going from downloading the evaluation to full production in just 45 days.

Fairfax Imaging quickly accessed third-party Java API from their .NET-based document processing Pharmacy Benefits Management system, cost-effectively delivering within an extremely tight project deadline.

We make the complex simple

JNBridge delivers tools and adapters that let you easily connect heterogeneous software and make it work together simply and transparently, on the ground and in the cloud.

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See how JNBridge fits into the integration and interoperability landscape and how JNBridge works in the cloud. Explore ways you can utilize rich APIs and other interoperability use case scenarios.

Consume cloud services, cross-platform

Do you need to connect two cloud services together, one Java-based and one .NET-based? Does the Java-based service only offer a Java client library? JNBridgePro will enable you to quickly use that Java client library and consume the Java-based service from your .NET-based service.

Expand cloud API offerings

If you have a cloud API that has been tailored for .NET users, and you want to offer the same services to Java users without having to re-implement the API for Java, JNBridgePro will enable you to expand your potential user base without having to offer new implementations of the cloud API.

Analyst report

From the OVUM Technology Audit:
"JNBridge is useful for scenarios where direct API-style integrations between Java and .NET environments are necessary, and where development team skill-sets lack cross-platform programming capabilities."