Cloud Use Case Scenarios


Intra-cloud, in-process

intra-cloud in-process image A .NET-based "Lab Notebook" service allows researchers to upload documents and data for timestamp and secure storage. The service uses best-of-breed Java-based cryptographic library.

Intra-cloud, multi-process

intra-cloud multiple processes image

A geographically dispersed development team uses a Java-based ALM portal with a .NET-based source code control service to manage code and documents.

Intra-cloud, multi-instance

intra-cloud multi-instance image

Animators upload modes for each frame into a .NET-based video editing service, which retrieves the video from a Java library service, renders it, and sends it back to the Java library service for storage.


inter-cloud image

A manufacturer and their parts supplier exchange transactional RFPs, quotes, purchase orders and invoices between separate cloud systems.