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Individual technical support is available to evaluators and customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract.

(+1) 303.545.9371
Toll Free:
(+1) 877.584.6082
9am–5pm Mountain

View the JNBridge support agreement.

JNBridge Knowledge Base

Browse or search the JNBridge Knowledge Base for information on all JNBridge products.

JNBridge Blog

The JNBridge Blog discusses how JNBridgePro and the JNBridge Adapters can be used in a wide variety of interoperability scenarios.


Download or view the documentation for all JNBridge products, including JNBridgePro and the Adapters.

Presentation and Events

See presentations and events for webcasts, podcasts, and streaming media.

Other Support Resources

Example Code for JNBridgePro

The JNBridgePro example code includes information on integrating with various third party products including J2EE application servers.

JNBridgePro Performance Hints (PDF)

A number of hints that can help improve JNBridgePro performance.

Technical Note: JNBridgePro and Clustering (PDF)

A description of how JNBridgePro can be in a clustered J2EE architecture so that the .NET code can participate in clustering's failover, high-availability, and load-balancing capabilities.

Examples and How-to Guides for the JMS Adapter for BizTalk

These JMS server How-to Guides includes information on configuring and using the JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server with specific JMS servers.