Bridge anything Java to .NET, Bridge anything .NET to Java


Do you need to get your Java-based and .NET-based components to work together?

With JNBridgePro, you can

Connect anything Java with anything .NET, anywhere

  • In the same process
  • Across a network
  • In the cloud

Remove the complexities of cross-platform interop.

Generate a solution within a day — instead of weeks.

Watch the video to see what's possible.

Scale from in-process to
cross-network or to the cloud

in-process to cross-network communications

With JNBridgePro you can build applications that run:

  • On the same ground or cloud-based machine in the same process via shared memory,
  • On the same ground or cloud-based machine in different processes via TCP/Binary,
  • Over any network or to the cloud via a TCP/Binary,
  • Over the Internet or in the cloud via HTTP/SOAP.

Need to change your application's communication architecture? Just make a simple change to JNBridgePro's configuration file, and leave your code untouched.

JNBridgePro is cross-platform magic

JNBridgePro makes the incompatible compatible so you don't have to. JNBridgePro includes:

  • Cross-platform exception handling
  • Integrated object lifecycle management
  • Garbage collection
  • Datatype conversions
  • Marshalling and unmarshalling of objects
  • Reference and communications management
  • Plug-ins for Eclipse and Visual Studio

You can expose any Java or .NET binary, no source code required!

See how it works for more.

Really anything?

On the Java side, anything includes Java SE (J2SE), Java EE (J2EE), J2EE app servers, EJBs, JMS, JNDI, Standalone JVMs, AWT, SWT and Swing.

On the .NET side, anything includes .NET rich-client GUIs, ASP.NET, Microsoft BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server, WinForm controls and WPF.

At the class level, anything includes objects, classes, instance members, static members, fields, properties, methods, generics, enums, events and transactions.

Really anywhere?

Your Java side can run in any standards-conformant JVM, on any platform.

Your .NET side can run on Windows, or, using Mono, on Linux.