Bridge anything Java to .NET, Bridge anything .NET to Java


What does JNBridgePro deliver?

JNBridgePro's full bi-directional, high-performance Java .NET interoperability solution includes:

Access anything

  • Access Java classes from .NET as if Java were a .NET language.
  • Access .NET classes from Java as if they were Java classes.
  • Access anything across the platform boundary, including:
    • objects
    • classes
    • instance members
    • static members
    • fields
    • properties
    • methods
    • generics
    • enums
  • Full class access includes support for:
    • callbacks
    • pass by reference or by value
    • cross-platform exception handling
  • Expose any Java or .NET binaries. No source code required.

Unique GUI embedding

  • Embed AWT or Swing Java widgets in .NET WinForm applications
  • Embed AWT or Swing Java widgets in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) apps
  • Embed .NET WinForm controls in Java AWT, SWT, or Swing apps
  • Embed WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) controls in Java AWT, SWT, or Swing apps

Works with your IDE

Deploy anywhere

  • The Java code and the .NET code can run:
    • on the ground or in the cloud
    • in the same process, using an shared-memory communication channel
    • on the same machine in different processes
    • on different machines communicating over a network
    with just a configuration file change.
  • The Java code can run in any conforming JVM.
  • The .NET code can run on Windows, or on Linux with Mono.

Integrate with enterprise applications

  • Access Java EE services from .NET, including EJBs, JMS, and JNDI.
  • Automatic failover to a backup Java-side server if the primary server fails.
  • Support for all the leading Java EE application servers, including WebSphere, WebLogic, and JBoss.
  • Secure binary and HTTP channels using SSL.
  • Cross-platform transactions with 2-phase commit.

Simplifies development

  • Create objects, call methods, access fields, return objects.
  • Catch exceptions thrown by Java/.NET classes across platforms.
  • Extend your classes via inheritance from the other side.
  • Create callbacks to handle event processing in either direction.
  • Automatic mapping of:
    • collection classes
    • arrays
    • strings
    • primitives
    • dates
    • enums
  • Transparently provides:
    • integrated object life cycle management
    • garbage collection
    • datatype conversions
    • marshalling and unmarshalling of arguments
    • management of references and communications.

See System Requirements for a full list of supported platforms and versions.

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