Bridge anything Java to .NET, Bridge anything .NET to Java


Faster Time to Market

JNBridgePro solves your interoperability issues quickly and easily, so your developers can focus on what matters.

Rich Access

JNBridgePro provides full access to any API on the other side, whether it is services-enabled or not.

High Performance

JNBridgePro is orders of magnitude faster than web services.

Interoperability Anywhere

Deploy your cross-platform application on the ground or in the cloud — in the same process, on the same machine, or on separate machines across a network. Reconfigure your deployment architecture on the fly with a single configuration file change.

Makes the Complicated Simple

JNBridgePro hides and manages all the complexities of cross-platform interoperability — your calls to code on the other side will look just like native, local code.

Use Best-of-Breed Components

No need to sacrifice using the best-of-breed components just because they are written for the other platform.

Increase your ROI

JNBridgePro reduces your up-front development costs, preserves your existing investments, and saves maintenance costs as you don't need to touch the original source code.

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