The documentation files listed below are included and installed as part of your product download.


Evaluation and Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Guidelines for evaluation and a set of pointers to help you get started building your first integrated Java/.NET application.

Getting Started with the JNBridgePro Plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse (PDF)
How to use the JNBridgePro plug-ins for Visual Studio and for Eclipse to generate proxies and to use them in larger projects.

Users' Guide (PDF)
Specific information on installing, using and running JNBridgePro to build your applications.

Release Notes (PDF)
The latest version-specific information, including system requirements, bugs fixed, and known issues.

Read Me (TXT)
Special notes and a list of files contained in the installer.

JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET

Users' Guide (PDF)

Release Notes (PDF)

JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server

Users' Guide (PDF)

Release Notes (PDF)

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View JNBridgePro Demos

Video: Access Java from .NET Tutorials
Click-thru demo: Java calling .NET
Click-thru demo: .NET calling Java
Video: Embed Java SWING inside a WPF
Video: Access the NASA WorldWind Java SDK from Outlook.

View Adapter Demos

Click-thru demo: JMS Adapter for .NET
Click-thru demo: JMS Adapter for BizTalk