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JNBridgePro enables you to build and distribute integrated applications anywhere in the cloud or on the ground. JNBridgePro's cloud interoperability supports intra-cloud, inter-cloud, and cloud-ground:

  • Intra-cloud, where both end points reside in the same cloud, either in the same or different instances.
  • Inter-cloud, where the instances belong to different clouds — even across cloud vendors.
  • Ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground, where one end point is in a cloud instance on and the other is an application running on the ground.


Intra-cloud interoperability gives you freedom of choice: pick and choose the technologies you want, and combine them any way you want. This is just like running JNBridgePro on the ground: you can mix and match Java and .NET components within a single image, thereby choosing the best technologies that fit your needs, and easily deliver integrated applications to the cloud.


Inter-cloud interoperability allows you to mix and match between offerings on different clouds. In both inter-cloud and ground-cloud applications, the end points may easily belong to different vendors or reside on different platforms. While REST-based web APIs may be useful in this situation, the rich API alternative that JNBridgePro provides is a high-performance solution for where REST-based interfaces do not exist or are not full-featured.

Ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground

Ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground interoperability allows you to mix platforms and frameworks between your cloud-based services and ground-based applications. You can use the rich API features of JNBridgePro to access interfaces that were initially not designed to be exposed from or accessed by the cloud.

"Interoperability in the cloud is currently a real problem. Supporting real interoperability is critical to the success and survival of the cloud computing model, and right now it is a large stumbling block that prevents adoption. Initiatives that support cloud interoperability in its various aspects will benefit cloud users, vendors of cloud services, and vendors of the underlying cloud platforms."

Mark Driver, vice president of research at Gartner

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