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JMS Adapter for .NET

JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server

Code Redevelopment Eliminated by Deploying Java API to VBA/.NET Developers

When Swiss Re needed to deliver a numerical analysis Java API to actuaries who code Excel applications, they turned to JNBridge. By making the API available for local development, actuaries no longer need to reinvent core functionality.
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JNBridgePro Accelerates Java Integration for .NET-based Mail Order Pharmacy Solution Provider

Fairfax Imaging used JNBridgePro to access a third-party Java API from their .NET-based document processing Pharmacy Benefits Management system.
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CambridgeSoft Protects Drug Company's IP with JNBridgePro and Digital Signature APIs

CambridgeSoft integrated a third-party Java digital signature API into their .NET-based electronic lab notebook software to quickly meet the requirements of a major pharmaceutical customer.
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Small ISV Wins Big Business

4th Story, a small ISV, needed to adapt high-performance, real-time .NET-based trading algorithms to support a large bank's automated trading activity through the bank's custom Java API. By using JNBridgePro to easily consume the Java API and call it from the .NET applications just as if the API were written in .NET, 4th Story achieved a huge time-to-market advantage.
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Online Testing Service Adds Biometric Identification

KRYTERION needed to add a third-party sophisticated .NET-based biometric identification system to an online testing service that runs on an existing J2EE backend. KRYTERION used JNBridgePro to analyze the .NET API and produce a proxy API on the Java side that could be called directly from Java, saving between 200-300 hours of their development cycle.
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JNBridgePro Connects Société Générale's Excel Trading Application Clients to WebLogic Server

The new Java-based Equity Derivatives post-trade information system needed to interoperate with Excel clients in a highly performant manner while keeping the communications layers separate from the business logic. Société Générale used JNBridgePro to bridge between COM and the Java API.
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Check 21 Application Links OnDemand Content Management System with ASP.NET using JNBridgePro

In order to take full advantage of Check 21, a large U.S. retail bank needed to retrieve check and statement images stored on an IBM OnDemand mainframe system and deliver them through ASP.NET to the user's browser. By using JNBridgePro the bank avoided a 6-month delay for Java training and saved over $200,000 in software licensing costs.
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KLA-Tencor Links Java and .NET, Saves U.S.$1.6 Million

KLA-Tencor, which provides process control solutions for semiconductor manufacturers, recently sought to migrate from Java to Microsoft .NET, but it had thousands of lines of code that would have to be rewritten at a high cost. KLA-Tencor deployed JNBridgePro, allowing the company to access larger amounts of data across the Java and the .NET boundary, and at the same time boost its performance. This solution reduced both the development time and the risk of rewriting and converting the existing code base. It also saved the company U.S.$1.6 million, the amount it would have cost to rewrite the code.
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JMS Adapter for .NET Simplifies Transition to SOA Framework for Relocation Services

The JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET allowed Graebel to leverage existing business logic and easily integrate JMS messaging with their .NET-based SOA framework.
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Fashion Retailer Merges Multiple JMS Servers with BizTalk Using the JNBridge JMS Adapter

Ulla Popken GmbH took three different JMS-based enterprise applications, each running on a different Java EE platform — IBM WebSphere, Progress SonicMQ, and open source GlassFish — and integrated them into an infrastructure centered around Microsoft BizTalk Server.
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Healthcare Benefits Solution Provider Gains from Fast JMS and BizTalk Integration

Benefitfocus, the largest healthcare benefits solution provider in the U.S., needed to streamline incoming carrier data from JMS (Java Message Service) with a BizTalk Server infrastructure. Benefitfocus went from downloading the evaluation to full production in just 45 days.
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