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Bridge anything Java to .NET, Bridge anything .NET to Java

JNBridgePro solves your Java and .NET interoperability issues quickly and easily, so you can focus on developing what matters. Use JNBridgePro to transparently expose any cloud-based or ground-based Java or .NET API to the other side. JNBridgePro allows you to connect anything Java together with anything .NET.

JNBridgePro Eclipse plug-in
JNBridgePro Visual Studio plug-in

Java & .NET Anywhere

JNBridgePro enables you to build cross-platform applications that run on the ground or in the cloud — in the same process, on the same machine, or on separate machines across a network. You can reconfigure your deployment architecture on the fly with a single configuration file change.

Rich Access

JNBridgePro allows you to fully access any API on the other platform, whether it is services-enabled or not.

Makes the Complicated Simple

JNBridgePro hides and manages all the complexities of cross-platform interoperability — your calls to code on the other side will look just like native, local code.

High Performance

JNBridgePro is orders of magnitude faster than web services.

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