JMS Adapter for .NET

Connect JMS to .NET


Deployment Licensing Options

JMS Adapter for .NET Licensing

The JMS Adapter for .NET has two different license types, Developer and Deployment. Deployment licenses are further broken down based on where they will run: Desktop, Server, Virtual Machine, or in the Cloud.

Developer License

A Developer License allows you to install and use the development and deployment components of JMS Adapter for .NET to generate and test your application on one machine.

Deployment License

A Deployment License allows you to distribute and install the runtime components of the JMS Adapter for .NET to end users. Non-OEM licenses are limited by the number of installations you have purchased, please contact us for an OEM license if you plan to distribute with your software product.

Deployment licenses are issued for the .NET side only, and are based on both the location of the .NET side and on whether you are connecting to a single or multiple Java sides. Please see the decision tree at the right to determine which license type you need.

Purchasing a JMS Adapter for .NET deployment license requires the concurrent or previous purchase of a development license.

Trial License

A trial license is the full-featured product, available for evaluation purposes only, for a period of 30 days.

Standard License Agreement and Support

See software agreements for copies of the Product License Agreements (EULAs) and Software Maintenance Agreements.

If you are an existing customer looking for to purchase previous editions, or wish to upgrade, please contact us for details.

Customer Success Story

Graebel easily integrated JMS messaging with their .NET-based SOA framework to support multiple relocation service portals.