JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server

Connect JMS to BizTalk Server


The JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server enables you to access JMS services from BizTalk Server.

Benefits of JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server

  • Works with any vendor's JMS server.
  • Fast to implement, quick to deploy.
  • Leaves your JMS server untouched.

Detailed Features

  • Connect BizTalk Server orchestrations to JMS infrastructure.
  • Bind send/receive ports to JMS queues and topics.
  • Accommodates:
    • Local JMS transactions
    • Text messages, byte messages
    • Point-to-point messaging (queues) and publish/subscribe (topics)
    • Durable subscriptions
    • Message selectors/filters
    • JMS header properties
    • Message intake throttling
    • Request/response and solicit/response messaging patterns
  • Configure and run as a single process via the shared-memory channel, or in separate processes or on separate machines across a network via TCP/IP.
  • Provides fault-tolerant connections for JMS Server shutdown scenarios
  • Based on the dependable and robust JNBridgePro Java and .NET interop technology.

Customer Success Stories

Ulla Popken GmbH merged three different JMS-based applications on different Java EE platforms — IBM WebSphere, Progress SonicMQ, and GlassFish — and integrated them with Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Benefitfocus streamlined incoming carrier data from JMS with a BizTalk Server, going fom from downloading the evaluation to full production in just 45 days.